What Are Some Tips for Strawberry Plant Care?


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To care for strawberry plants, remove the first-year blossoms, eliminate any daughter plants, water the plants thoroughly and mulch and weed the plants as needed. Removing the first blossoms of a young plant helps the plant to establish roots and produce more fruit the following year.

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Thin out strawberry plants regularly by removing any daughter plants. This gives the original plants with higher yields space to grow. Keep a space of at least 10 inches between plants.

Because strawberry plants have shallow roots, they need plenty of moisture, especially when they bloom and develop runners in the spring and again in the fall when they are fully mature. They need at least an inch of water per week. Applying a layer of mulch helps the plant to retain moisture, keep weeds down and protect the roots during cold weather. Lay down straw or organic or pine needle mulch during the fall and remove it in the spring, and replace it with fresh mulch in late May. Covering the plants with polythene or row covers not only lets the plants produce fruit earlier than usual, but also protects the blossoms and fruit from birds and other pests. Strawberries should be cut off the plant, and a waiting period of three days should be observed between each harvest of berries.

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