What Are Some Tips for Storing Brooms in Cabinets?


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Store brooms in a cabinets by mounting holders on the wall inside the cabinet to hold brooms while making space for other home essentials. Instead of placing brooms vertically on the floor, store them off the ground to prevent damage and extend their lives. Alternately, make good use of cabinet walls by installing hooks to hang brooms.

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Use a proper broom storage system that keeps brooms organized while providing ample space to hang multiple tools neatly. A simple wall holder or a hook in the cabinet wall makes it easy to store a broom off the ground. Make good use of the inside of cabinet doors by installing evenly spaced hooks and holders that can hold brooms and other home supplies.

For a cabinet that has shelves or racks, store brooms horizontally on each rack. In cabinets without shelves, mount a rack or a single shelf in a corner to store brooms. Placed horizontally, most brooms take up just a few inches of space. Another creative and practical way to store brooms is to install a peg board on the cabinet wall. A peg board saves cabinet space by providing an efficient way to hang brooms and other cleaning tools.

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