What Are Some Tips to Stop Cats From Using the Garden As a Toilet?


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There are several methods for preventing cats from using a garden as a litter box, including using chicken wire over the soil, applying commercial cat repellent, installing sprinklers and putting mothballs in vented jars. Alternatively, put plants that cats dislike in your garden, such as rue, pennyroyal or lavender.

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For a new garden, lay chicken wire on top of the soil or mulch before planting to keep cats out. Use wire cutters to cut holes large enough for the plants.

Use powdered commercial cat repellent, such as Shake-Away, to make your garden smell faintly like the urine of predators that cats fear. Sprinkle the organic, kid-friendly formula around the problem areas.

To use water to deter cats, use a hose or water gun to reinforce that they are not wanted in your garden. Automate the process with devices such as Scarecrow Sprinklers to keep cats away when you're not at home.

Drop a few mothballs into a vented can or jar, and place the jar near the problem area to keep cats away. Because mothballs are toxic, only use this method if small children do not have access to your garden.

Include plants that give off odors that cats dislike in your garden for a natural deterrent. The scaredy cat plant, rue, lavender and pennyroyal are some plants that are natural cat repellents.

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