What Are Some Tips for Stone Cleaning?


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When cleaning stones, use as little cleaner as possible, avoid harsh cleaners, and clean spills as soon as they occur. Avoid using general all-purpose cleaners, as they can damage stone surfaces.

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What Are Some Tips for Stone Cleaning?
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Stone surfaces require very little cleaner to get clean, and using too much cleaner can cause streaks. Use just enough cleaner to get the job done. When choosing a cleaner, choose the mildest one you can find, and avoid any cleaners that are vinegar-based or acidic, as they can cause stains, degrade the sealer or permanently etch the surface. Use a layered approach, and first clean with water and then with a mild dishwashing solution before trying other cleaners.

To prevent possible damage to stone surfaces, clean spills as soon as possible, and be very careful with acidic foods such as soft drinks, tomato-based dishes, coffee and orange juice. Like acid-based cleaners, they can cause permanent etching despite the stone’s sealed surface. If damage does occur, consult a professional refinisher to restore the stone. For general food and liquid spills, blot the area with a clean, dry cloth, and then spray with stone cleaner, and wipe clean. For mud stains on stone floors, allow the mud to dry, and use a soft brush to remove the dirt before using the stone cleaner.

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