What Are Some Tips for Steel Roof Installation?


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Tips for installing a steel roof include laying tar paper over the roof to prevent water leaks, installing one sheet at a time, starting the installation from one side of the roof and wearing safety gloves while working to prevent cuts. Have a friend to help install the roof. Assemble all tools and materials before starting the project.

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Required tools and parts include a drill, metal screws, a ladder, a caulking gun and caulk. A heavy duty stapler is also handy in the installation. To install a steel roof, first remove old shingles. Measure the dimensions of the roof, and purchase steel sheets according to the measurements. Lay a new tar paper on the top of the roof, making sure it overlaps the roof by about 3 inches, and use a stapler to fix the overlap on the wood.

Use 1 1/4-inch nails to mount a metal edging along all sides of the roof. From one side of the roof, lay a steel sheet over the roof, drill pilot holes through the wood, and screw the sheet in place with metal screws. After installing the first sheet, fix the remaining sheets, overlapping each other by 4 inches. Place the screws 5 inches apart and apply caulk between the sheets if necessary.

Attach metal trims along all edges of the roofing, and screw in place. Place a V-shaped trim on the ridge, and secure with screws. Use a brush to clean off metal filings to prevent rust spots.

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