What Are a Few Tips for Starting a Landscaping Business?

To start a landscaping business, apply for the proper business license according to local regulations. Do research to learn about average costs for different landscaping services.

It is important to start by deciding what types of landscaping services are to be offered. Some landscaping businesses specialize in residential homes, while others prefer working for businesses or commercial properties; it is also possible to do both. Choose specific services, such as mowing lawns and trimming shrubs, planting or removing trees, tending to a garden or hydroseeding. Other services include landscaping inside office buildings, pulling weeds and applying pest control chemicals on the lawn.

Check with the local licensing department to find out what legalities are required for a landscaping business. This might include a business license in addition to a special landscaping contractor license, depending on the city or state. Some places might require a special license if irrigation or fertilizers are part of the services offered.

Set prices according to the type of work offered and how long it takes to complete. Consider each service and set a price based on square footage. Compare the prices to other services to remain competitive and not charge too much or too little.