What Are Some Tips for Stainless Steel Dent Repair?


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To remove a dent from stainless steel appliances, place dry ice at the dent’s center and leave it on for several minutes to freeze the steel. As the steel contracts, the metal shrinks and flexes, returning the metal to an undented state.

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Alternatively, use a hair dryer to heat the dented section, and then turn a can of air duster spray upside down. This causes the spray to spray out chilled carbon dioxide, much like the dry-ice method. The dent flexes back, returning the stainless steel to its original shape.

Another method involves using a suction-cup dent puller designed to remove car dents. Use a damp cloth to wipe the dent, and then press the cup onto the den, flexing in and out to form a seal. Firmly pull out on the dent puller to release the dent.

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