What Are Some Tips for Staining Over Paint?


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When applying stain on a surface that has been previously painted, people shouldn't choose clear or semi-clear stain, as it's not going to be able to penetrate the paint. Some of the stains may not be allowed for use by state regulations, so homeowners need to consult the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency before buying the stain.

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It is important to clean the area that needs to be stained before starting the process. This involves cleaning dust and dirt off the surface, removing peeling paint using a scraper, and sanding the surface with a fine-grit sanding block. An important tip for staining outside is that it is crucial to stain only when the weather is dry and not very hot (less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit). Before staining, workers need to cover all of the surrounding areas, as stain is difficult to remove from surfaces. If there are any nails or other metal parts on the painted surface, it is helpful to coat them with clear shellac before staining.

Although it is possible to apply stain using a paint brush, stain brushes provide much better results. Before applying the stain, workers need to stir the stain using a stick, and pour some of it into a deep paint pan. Stain rollers should be used for large surfaces, such as walls, decks or large furniture. Stain brushes work better for small areas that are difficult to stain using a roller.

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