What Are Some Tips on Staining Furniture?

Tips on staining furniture include sanding the piece with light pressure first, wiping away dust with a lint-free cloth, mixing the stain properly, wiping away excess stain and allowing the stain to dry before using the piece. Test the stain on scrap wood prior to working on the actual wood, and cover the surrounding areas with plastic and newspaper before starting the project.

To stain furniture properly, first sand the entire surface. Sand the wood lightly to avoid forming scratches. Use a moistened cloth to wipe away dust, and clean the piece again with a dry cloth. Apply wood conditioner to the furniture.

Purchase a can of stain, and shake it thoroughly to get the complete color from the stain. Some stains have a strong scent, so be sure to work in a room that is well ventilated. Beginning from the bottom and progressing to the top, use a staining brush or a clean lint-free rag to stain the piece in sections according to recommendations on the packaging.

Use lint-free cloths to wipe excess stain off immediately. Reapply another coat if necessary. Wait at least one day for the stain to dry completely. Move your hand over the surface to check if it is even, and if necessary, sand it gently. Apply a finish on the wood.