What Are Some Tips for Spraying Fruit Trees for Insects?


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Some tips for spraying fruits tree for insects include identifying the pests to be sprayed, timing the process correctly and choosing the right products. Determine what type of pest infestations the fruit trees are prone to getting. For instance, coddling moths are more likely to infest apple and pear trees, requiring insecticidal sprays that must be timed around the insect's life cycle.

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Time the spraying schedule around the specific pest. To manage aphid, mite and scale insect infestations, spray the trees with dormant oil in the early spring once the temperature is consistently over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This spray kills the eggs before they can hatch.

Spray the tree with an insecticidal spray once when the flower petals fall. To get rid of coddling moths, spray the tree again two weeks later, a third time in mid-summer and a fourth time in late summer only if the moths are still a problem.

Try to use natural or non-toxic insecticidal sprays. These sprays are marked with the word domestic and usually contain horticultural oils and natural insecticides. If possible, avoid products containing carbaryl, as this can be toxic to bees, beneficial pollinators. Avoid malation and permethrin as well for this reason and endosulfan, which is toxic to birds.

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