What Are Some Tips for Spray Painting Furniture?

What Are Some Tips for Spray Painting Furniture?

Tips for spray painting furniture include starting with a clean, smooth surface, removing hardware, priming the surface, choosing appropriate conditions and maintaining consistent spraying. Using several thin layers of spray paint produces the best results on furniture.

Spray paint is faster than brushing or rolling paint on furniture, but it still requires prep work to make the finished furniture look good. Remove all of the hardware first so it doesn't get covered in paint. If the furniture has a wax or lacquer finish, remove the finish first so the paint sticks.

Sanding the surfaces of wood furniture helps smooth the surfaces. You want a smooth surface before painting so it looks smooth after spray painting. Wipe away the dust after sanding so it doesn't stick in the paint. A coat of primer compatible with the type of spray paint you choose helps create a smooth surface for the paint.

Spray paint the furniture outdoors if possible. This allows for ventilation and prevents the spray paint from getting on other items indoors. If you need to paint in a garage, cover important items so they don't get spray paint on them. Leave the garage door and windows open for ventilation. Choose a calm day so the wind doesn't blow the spray paint or cause dust to stick to the wet paint.

Hold the can of spray paint a consistent distance from the furniture. About 10 inches away is ideal. Press the nozzles with consistent pressure, and keep the spray moving at a consistent speed to avoid drips or uneven paint application. Allow the paint to dry before spraying on additional layers.