What Are Some Tips for Spider Plant Propagation?


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Cut off plantlets and plant them in new pots in moist soil, or cut them off and set them in a bowl of water to sprout the beginning of a root system before potting. Alternatively, leave the plantlets connected the mother tree when potting them, cutting them off only after they have fully sprouted a root system.

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What Are Some Tips for Spider Plant Propagation?
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Healthy, mature spider plants shoot off plantlets, baby plants connected by tendrils. The baby spider plants should be cut off and planted in small pots with draining holes that have been filled two-thirds with moist soil. Water the base of the plantlet lightly and place the pot on a dish that contains a small amount of rooting hormone to be absorbed by the soil through the draining holes. Only the base of the plantlet should be covered in soil. This same process can be done without cutting the plantlet from the mother if it is feasible.

Alternatively, the plantlet can by placed in a cup of water that has been sitting for 24 hours so that the chlorine evaporates. Once the root system begins to grow, follow the process of potting as detailed above. In either case, the plantlets should be placed in indirect sunlight for best results. When potted, water them every week or more frequently if the soil feels dry to the touch.

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