What Are Some Tips on Spacing Wall Art and Pictures?


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Some tips for spacing wall art and pictures include arranging art by its symmetry and basing the spacing on the size of the wall. A large wall must have a large painting, which brings a big impact. Tall walls should have photos that are tall and even spaces on all sides.

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Many people like the look of asymmetry when arranging art or pictures. Collections that are different shapes or sizes look good together as long as they have spacing that is close on all sides. It is also possible to overlap them if seeking out a casual or informal look, or to hang art and pictures that are outside of eye level. As long as there is balance in the space, it looks good.

Experts also recommend that homeowners leave some breathing space between their pictures. Blank wall space is just as important as space that has a picture hanging from it. It is important that individuals resist the urge to fill all of the space, and to choose their pictures and art carefully. Homeowners can also use both the floor and the wall to figure out the spacing of art or pictures, and should lightly mark the space before stepping back to view the arrangement, then hanging the art when it is even and looks right.

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