What Are Some Tips for Southern Magnolia Tree Care?

What Are Some Tips for Southern Magnolia Tree Care?

Some tips for southern magnolia tree care include planting during early spring, adding mulch to moderate the temperature and soil and regularly irrigating during warm weather, notes MagnoliaSociety.org. Southern magnolia trees are evergreen trees found primarily in the southern United States. They have large, fragrant white blossoms and glossy leaves and can grow as wide as 40 feet.

Southern magnolia trees are typically used as a shade tree, street tree, windbreak or specimen plant, notes MagnoliaSociety.org. When caring for a southern magnolia, it should be given mulch and irrigation during the first six to 12 months after planting. Irrigation is especially needed during dry and warm weather to keep moisture in the soil.

As a general guide for irrigation, water the tree two times per week during lower temperatures and three times per week during higher temperatures during the first three to six months. Afterwards, it can be switched to once per week. Approximately two to three gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter should be used for each watering.

Southern magnolia trees should have mulch placed around them that is at least two inches thick. If a light substance, such as pine needles, is used for mulch, the layer should be thicker.

Southern magnolias should be planted in areas that are not exposed to strong winds, which can damage the flowers and branches. Choose a spot that receives full sun or light shade.