What Are Some Tips on Sharpening Blades?

When sharpening a blade, maintain the same angle during the whole process. Try to keep the angle at about 20 degrees to the surface of the blade. Another tip is that high pressure of the blade against the stone does not guarantee better results. A light grip and low, constant pressure of the blade against the stone is will result in faster and better sharpening.

The oldest and most common tool for sharpening a blade is a stone. However, different stones should be used for different tasks. For example, a rough rock with low grit density works best for rough sharpening and for blades that haven't been sharpened in a long time. Thus, flat rocks with high grid density should be used for ultra-fine sharpening. Sharpen the blade frequently so it takes less time to sharpen it.

Before sharpening the blade, read the manufacturer’s instructions for the stone. Some stones need to be lubricated before sharpening begins.

To find out if the blade is sharp, slice a piece of paper with it. The blade is sharp if it produces a nice cut without any tears or bends. Never test the blade's sharpness on your skin, hair, nails or other parts of your body.