What Are Some Tips for Sewage Pipe Repair?


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The best advice for sewage pipe repair is to consult a professional plumber as correcting most issues requires an understanding of the system layout, the ability to diagnose the problem and the proper equipment to perform the repairs. A plumbing technician is typically much more experienced than the average homeowner and has the correct tools and supplies needed to complete the job successfully.

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Sewage pipe repair typically entails clearing clogs and fixing pipe breaks which are most commonly caused by tree roots growing into the pipes. To unclog a pipe, first open the drain outlet with a bucket on standby for sewage backwash. Insert a drain snaking machine and begin spooling until it encounters a blockage. Then work it back to the beginning to physically remove the clog. Repeatedly snake the pipe system until no more blockages are encountered. Alternatively, foaming chemical treatments that destroy tree roots can be used to clear clogs, however, they are often less effective and more hazardous than snaking.

Repairing a broken sewage line requires a professional as the specific section and location of the break needs to be located by use of a specialized camera inserted down the pipes. A hole is dug outside the house to physically locate the pipe, which is then replaced.

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