What Are Some Tips on Selling Used Furniture?


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In order to effectively sell used furniture, the seller needs to determine the true value of the items, consider their condition, and price them appropriately. Then, he must decide if he wants to sell the items himself or use a third party. If he decides to sell the items himself, he needs to create an advertisement.

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Sellers should put a higher price on furniture that is antique or made by a popular manufacturer. Pricing guides in libraries, consignment stores, newspaper ads and on the Internet are useful in finding the actual worth of an item. Do not price furniture to undersell, but do not list prices so high that they do not reflect the sale prices of similar items. If a piece of furniture has tears, stains or dents, the item has a lower value than a well-maintained one, and sellers should never ask for a price higher than similar items advertised in used furniture stores.

Once the price is determined, a seller must determine how he wants to sell an item, whether through garage or yard sales, the Internet, a used furniture dealer, or a professional liquidator. It may take longer to sell the items through garage or yard sales, and Internet sales require pictures and interaction with strangers. It is usually more convenient to sell the furniture to a used furniture dealer, though it might offer less money. A professional liquidator is effective for selling a large furniture inventory.

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