What Are Some Tips for Selling Silver Trays?


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A silver tray should be evaluated by an antique dealer or jeweler to determine the value. The type and weight of the tray's silver makes a large difference in the value. Trays can be listed for sale on sites such as eBay.com and antique websites.

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Some silver trays are worth more than others, due to the rarity of the pattern or its being owned by a famous person. If a seller makes claims about a tray that make it worth more, he will sometimes need to provide documents to prove the authenticity.

Antique auction sales are good places to sell silver trays. An estimate of the value of the tray may be provided at no additional cost. Jewelry and coin shops will sometimes purchase silver trays for resale. Trays that are damaged or heavily worn may be sold for the value of their silver content. Sellers should never rush into a sale without checking out researching all selling options.

Websites such as Replacements.com allow sellers to list trays for sale. This service reaches a wide audience of collectors and homemakers. A classified ad in local papers is another way to sell silver trays. If multiple trays need to be sold, then a booth at an antique sale or flea market is another option.

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