What Are Some Tips for Selecting VCT Commercial Flooring?


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When selecting VCT, or vinyl composite tile, for commercial use, keep in mind that the floor will be durable enough to withstand constant movement and even chemical spills, but it will need to be mopped frequently and regularly maintained to retain its shine. While VCT has the potential to be slippery when wet, it is also the best floor to purchase when on a budget or looking for a more retro look for a business.

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To install VCT flooring, first clean the bare floor surface with a cleaning solution that removes oil stains, as they will lessen the adhesion of the glue if left behind. If any cracks or small holes are present, fill them with a crack-filling compound. Use a polymer cement repair mix to fill contraction joints. Be sure to grind down any compound until it is flush with the floor. Having a fully filled-in flush floor lessens the probability of a tile pulling away from the tiles around it.

When installing the tile, begin at the threshold of the garage door and work toward the middle, laying the tiles in the shape of pyramids. This ensures square edges and lessens the likelihood of tile misalignment. Spread the glue to hold the tiles across the area of concrete being worked with and wait for it to change color before pressing the tile into it. After laying the tile, use a vinyl floor roller to eliminate any air under the tiles. Once all the tiles are in place, seal and wax the entire floor.

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