What Are Tips for Safe Installation of a Gas Furnace in a Mobile Home?


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The primary safety concern when installing a gas furnace into a mobile home is ensuring adequate ventilation to prevent a dangerous buildup of toxic gases. In addition, clearing the area around the furnace installation site of flammable objects and obstructions prevents fires and improves the furnace's airflow and efficiency.

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Any combustion appliance used in a mobile home has the potential to emit toxic gases into the home, of which the most immediately threatening is carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it is possible for a dangerous or even deadly level of the gas to build up in a room before anyone in the room notices its effects. Gas buildup is a particular concern in smaller mobile homes, since they have a smaller volume and can concentrate dangerous gases inside quickly. Ensuring that the exhaust and intake ducts for a gas furnace are properly installed, sealed and clear of obstruction is vital to avoid potential gas buildup in a mobile home. Placing the furnace exhaust as far away from any gaps or intake vents as possible helps prevent exhaust gases from being drawn back into the mobile home's interior.

While most modern gas furnaces for mobile use do not use an open flame, the heat from a gas furnace can still ignite flammable objects if they are too close. Clearing the installation area inside the home of obstructions prevents potential fires and also improves the flow of heated air around the interior of the mobile home.

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