What Are Some Tips for Roofing Installation?


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To install a roof, start by limiting the access of children and animals to the site. Locate all the power lines and other places that may be dangerous, and avoid them during work. Make sure that there are no valuable items that might get damaged near the construction area. Use special tools to remove old materials from the roof.

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If you find any holes or tears in the roof after removing old roofing, repair them before proceeding. Install roof protection and a leak barrier if desired. Start installing the roof by attaching the first layer of starter strip shingles. This layer protects the entire roof from wind and other damage. When attaching shingles, make sure that the nails are pointing straight down and are completely inserted in the roof surface.

If there is surface intersection on the roof, place flashing in that area to ensure that the roof doesn't leak. Install proper ventilation in the roof to protect the roof and the house from being damaged by hot and moist air that collects in the attic. To find out what kind of ventilation system you need to install in the rood, refer to the local building code. Obtain the vents, and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to install them.

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