What Are Some Tips for Reupholstering a Sofa?


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When upholstering a sofa, replace damaged springs and other internal items first, unless the sofa is in very good condition. Then, cut the fabric to fit the sofa frame, and cut V-shapes in the outside edge of the fabric to attach it to the frame. Avoid cutting the V-shapes too deeply, as this may expose the underlying material when someone sits on the sofa. Make sure the raw edges of the fabric are hidden before stapling the fabric in place.

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Before making slipcovers, wash and dry the fabric to reduce shrinkage, and purchase more fabric than recommended to account for miscalculations. Combine the desired fabric with cotton to cover the sofa with less fabric. For instance, attach cotton to the upholstery fabric in places where the cotton is hidden, such as under the arm of the sofa.

When stuffing the cushions with down and feathers, use a combination of 40 percent down and 60 percent feathers. Stuff cushions with a core of foam surrounded by a layer of feathers and down to reduce the cost of reupholstering the sofa.

To ensure the sofa is plush, add a layer of bonded polyester or cotton batting before covering the sofa with fabric. Make sure the fabric is very taut before stapling it in place, as loose fabric wrinkles after a short time.

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