What Are Some Tips for Resurfacing a Deck?


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When resurfacing a deck, allow one to two weekends to complete the project to provide ample drying time. Protect nearby plants by covering them with plastic sheeting or watering the plants deeply before beginning the project. Working on a sunny, warm day is recommended to speed drying time. When applying stain, attach a roller brush to an extension handle to finish the process quickly, or use a gel-style stain to prevent runs in the finish.

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When repairing cracks with wood filler, match the filler to the wood or stain color to ensure it matches the finished deck. Scrape off excess filler before the material dries, as the epoxy is difficult to sand.

If a board must be replaced, remove the board with a pry bar, and examine the back for damage or rot. Use the same board as a replacement by nailing it with the back of the board facing upward if it is in good condition.

In regions where the climate is sunny and mild, finish the deck with a semi-transparent stain to promote a long-lasting finish. In regions where rain is common, finish the deck with a clear sealer to protect the underlying wood. Refinish the deck bi-annually to prevent splinters and cracks.

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