What Are Some Tips for Restoring Vintage Chairs?

What Are Some Tips for Restoring Vintage Chairs?

To restore a vintage wood chair, disassemble the chair, clean off old glue, remove any screws or nails, remove any varnish or paint, and stain the wood. Apply varnish, and then reassemble the chair. Apply a coat of wax to give the chair a shiny finish.

Begin the restoration process by carefully disassembling the chair, and then clean out any old glue and remove nails and screws. Replace any damaged or rusted hardware.

Remove any varnish or paint with semi-paste stripper. Allow the product to remain on the furniture for the required length of time, and then push the varnish or stain off using a brush or scraper. Use liquid stripper to remove paint in crevices. Use a steel wool pad to brush away any remaining finish. Dry the pieces with a soft cloth.

Allow the parts of the chair to dry overnight. Use a brush to brush away any remnants of glaze left behind by the stripping chemical. Apply stain with a soft cloth, and then allow the parts to dry overnight.

Add an initial coat of varnish to the chair parts using a lint-free rag, working the varnish in well without allowing excess varnish to run into the corners. Let the coat dry, and then dust off the pieces. Apply additional coats, using less varnish with each subsequent coat. Finally, reassemble the pieces, and apply a coat of wax if desired.