What Are Some Tips for Reroofing a House?


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Tips for reroofing a house include assembling the necessary tools and materials first, tearing off the shingles before installing the new roof, estimating the size of the replacement roof, laying a new roofing felt paper over the entire roof, and securing the replacement roof with galvanized nails. Start working from the bottom of the roof as you build toward the ridge. You need a ladder, a utility knife, a roofing hammer and roofing nails to complete the project.

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To reroof a house, first tear off the old shingles with a utility knife, use a hammer claw to pry all the nails off the roof, and remove the felt roofing paper. Replace the plywood if it is damaged. Building toward the ridge, mount the first sheet of the new paper with roofing nails. Install the remaining sheets, overlapping each other by 2 inches, and cut off extra paper at the end of the roof. Use shingles of the same size and color as the damaged type if you are fixing a small section.

From the eave of the roof, install the first shingle upside-down with galvanized nails. Install the remaining shingles face-down, ensuring that the bottom of one row lines up with the top of the next row and the rows run parallel to each other. Cut shingles into three tabs, and use one nail per tab to secure them over the ridge, overlapping the ends of the rows by 1/2 inch.

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