What Are Some Tips for Replacing a Vent Window?


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When replacing vent windows, some tips to keep in mind are to measure carefully and clear the frame of debris. Also, add weatherproof flashing, seal the edges with caulk, and use shims to ensure the window is level.

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When measuring the window as the first step, measure horizontally and vertically, but also make sure to gauge the distance available on the outside to allow the pane to clear any obstacles. Next, clear away all leftover bits from the previous window or wall, such as fasteners or shards of wood. Add layered flashing tiles, and secure them with silicone caulk to guard the window against water damage. Finally, during the installation of the new materials, use thin strips of material called shims as spacers to make sure the lines of the window are accurately straight.

Vent windows, also called awning windows, are hinged at the top to provide ventilation when opened outward. They are no more difficult to replace than other styles of window and are often used in conjunction with larger windows for more light and airflow. They typically are used in rooms that do not have a lot of horizontal swinging space to open, and they provide privacy advantages compared to other windows because they usually are installed at the top of a wall.

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