What Are Some Tips for Replacing Skylight Glass?


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Tips for replacing skylight glass include cleaning its surface and placing a drop cloth underneath it before removing the glass, measuring the space to choose the right size of glass, and sealing the flashing with roofing cement to avoid leaving gaps. The project may also require a complete replacement of the flashing to restore full visibility to the skylight.

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To replace a broken or leaking skylight, begin by placing clearing out the space beneath the light and placing a drop cloth to protect the floor and catch any debris that falls into the home. Go to the roof and clear off the skylight itself and the surrounding area to minimize mess and prevent any damage to the roofing during the process. It may also be necessary to cut away any tree branches that surround the area, as they may lead to further damage after the replacement.

Find the exact measurement of the flashing and the window pane to ensure the replacement items fit properly in the space, as a window that is too large may not fit or cause long-term damage to the home. In many cases, leaks or broken glass require full flashing replacement to ensure full seals and proper weather protection. This process involves digging out the existing case, cleaning the roof around it, and placing the new one as soon as possible. It also calls for roofing cement to cover any gaps and create a proper seal.

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