What are some tips for replacing a light switch?


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Replacing a light switch involves turning off the power to the switch and unscrewing and removing the switch plate. Pull out the switch from the electrical box after unscrewing it. By comparing the new switch with the one you're replacing, you can find corresponding locations for the electrical screw connectors.

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What are some tips for replacing a light switch?
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Maintaining the old pattern wire connection, connect the first wire to the same-colored screw, and do the same with the second. Repeat the same process of removing the switch from the electrical box, screw on the switch plate and turn on the power.

The four types of light switch are a single-pole light switch, three-way switches, four-way switches and double-pole switches. The most common type of switch is single-pole, and it control power to a light source by turning it to the on or off position.

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