What Are Some Tips for Replacing Cabinet Glass?


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Tips for replacing cabinet glass include applying a smooth and round bead of silicone to reduce the mess caused by installation as well as using silicone rather than replacing the existing glass molding. Another tip is to remove the panel or door holding the glass to ensure an easier installation process. Sealing the replacement glass with silicone can also keep glass panels from rattling.

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Begin the installation process by unscrewing and removing the door from the cabinet frame. Doors are typically held in place with a series of locking sticks or basic screws or hinges. After removing the door, tap the existing glass panel gently from the side of the door facing the cabinet interior until it pops loose from the frame. Work a putty knife under the molding and across the perimeter of the glass frame to remove the remaining molding and then use a chisel to scrape away any debris from the frame.

Apply silicone along the perimeter of the replacement glass and then install the glass within the prepared frame. Set a heavy object, such as a book, on one side of the glass and leave in place until the silicone has hardened and set. Reinstall the panel or door to the cabinet frame and make sure all hinges or mounting screws are properly tightened.

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