What Are Some Tips to Replace Fan Blades?


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Tips to replace fan blades include measuring the existing blades, turning off the main power supply before replacing fan blades, and carefully mounting the new blades. Ceiling fan blades are available in a number of materials and shapes.

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Measure the existing fan blades to ensure the new purchases fit perfectly. It is also preferable that the new blades are made by the same company. Alternatively, take an old fan blade to the store and match it up with the new purchase. These precautions are meant to ensure that the fan remains balanced and there is no undue stress to the fan motor.

Ensure that the power is turned off at the main switch before removing damaged or warped blades for safety reasons. The blade is removed by holding it into place with one hand and using the other hand to loosen the screws connecting to the mounting bracket at the bottom of the blade. The location of the screws depends on the specific type of ceiling fan.

Lastly, be careful to match the blade’s screw holes to the mounting bracket and ensure that the screws are tight before attempting to turn on the fan. This is to prevent the new blades from braking or warping.

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