What Are Some Tips for Repairing Your Own Oven?


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If the oven does not heat to the desired temperature or the heat is imbalanced, the gasket door might be defective. To test for a defective gasket door, turn on the oven, and pass your hand over the floor. If you feel the heat escaping, the door is defective and needs replacement. In most ovens, the gasket door is on the frame of the oven. The gasket is friction-fit in a channel, which makes it easier to replace.

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There are units with the oven door subdivided into two. For such units, the gasket is located between the front and back sections of the door. For this kind of gasket, seek professional services for repairs.

There are three causes of heating element malfunctioning. They include a defective surface element switch, a damaged coil surface element and failing surface element board relays. The only way to repair the switch is replacing it. If the board relays fail the multimeter continuity test, replace them. Repair the damaged coil surface element by replacing it. A burned-out bake element, a weakened igniter and a burned-out broil element typically are the main causes for an oven baking unevenly. The only way to repair these elements is by replacing them.

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