What Are Some Tips for Repairing Your Own Outdoor Furniture?

What Are Some Tips for Repairing Your Own Outdoor Furniture?

Some tips for repairing outdoor furniture include adding sling or frame replacements, replacing strapping and sanding down rusty areas. A new coat of paint or stain or a thorough wash can also restore outdoor furniture, notes MarthaStewart.com

Mesh slings on aluminum patio chairs are often replaceable. To replace the sling, measure the length and width of the sling and shop for a replacement that fits the chair. To remove the old sling, cut it down the center with a utility knife, remove the end caps and slide the sling pieces off the supports. Frame parts for metal chairs and tables are also often available. The internet is a good resource for parts, notes Bankrate.com.

Strapping on patio chairs is also often replaceable. It is available through a variety of online and brick-and-mortar sources.

Rust on metal furniture is not only unsightly, but also can spread to other areas of the piece. To reduce the appearance of rust and prevent it from spreading, sand down the area to the metal below the rust, brush on some primer and finish off with a coat of rust-proof paint.

Sometimes a simple cleaning can restore furniture to its former glory. To clean plastic furniture, scrub the piece with dishwashing soap or detergent; bleach and white vinegar can help remove stubborn stains. Coat the piece with car wax to prevent further stains from occurring. To clean wicker furniture, go over the piece with the vacuum or brush to remove dust and dirt. Scrub dirt and stains away with water and soap, and use linseed oil to restore dry, cracking wicker.

Paint can be another way to restore old furniture. To repaint furniture, scrape away any paint that is loose, sand the area, apply primer and apply one or more coats of paint.