What Are Some Tips for Repairing Levolor Blinds?


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To repair Levelor blinds, raise the blinds at an inward angle to check if the cord catches, and then lower them. Both sides of the blinds should raise and lower at the same level.

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The slats should line up and lie evenly across. Make sure the lift cord is level with the head rail and gently pull it to release the cord lock. If the slats are wavy or uneven, check to see if an uneven slat is installed correctly. If a slat is facing the wrong way, remove it and turn it around. Slats that are notched at the edges with cut outs can be easily removed.

If the blinds are stuck in a down position, try pulling the cord at a 45-degree angle. If that doesn’t work, put a small flathead screwdriver in the hole where the cord originates and press down to release the cord lock.

Check the blinds for sticking or broken pieces. Examine the cord to make sure there are no tangles that can catch the blinds and to determine if the cord is stuck. If there is a wand, check to see that it's firmly attached to the head rail and that it turns smoothly.

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