What Are Tips for Repairing a Lawn Sprinkler Pump?


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Tips for repairing a lawn sprinkler pump include checking to see if the mechanical shaft seal has gone bad. All plugs should also be checked to ensure they are tight and free from leaks.

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If the water output is less than desired, the joints should be tested. This can be done by wrapping them in clear plastic wrap to determine where the water is leaking; it will collect in a bubble near the leak. If a joint is leaking, users should tighten it and wrap waterproof tape around it as a precaution.

If the sprinkler heads are not producing the correct pattern, one tip is to check the motor. If the motor is operating on an incorrect voltage, the water patterns will be off. This can be checked using a voltage meter.

If the pump runs for a short time and turns off by itself, the pump impeller should be checked to ensure it is not clogged or frozen. The wire coming from the breaker box needs to be inspected, as a damaged or weak wire can cause the breaker to trip, which shuts the pump off. Users should also take care to make sure that all of the wires are properly connected and not loose.

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