What are some tips for repairing hardwood floors?


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Hardwood floor repair methods include camouflaging or soft-sanding scratches, filling gaps in a separating old floor, and sanding and applying the appropriate products to water-stained hardwood. When hardwood is damaged beyond reasonable repair, remove the damaged boards and replace them with new hardwood boards of the same wood.

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Camouflage minor scratches and marks in a hardwood floor by using appropriate stain markers to cover the scratch or mark. Stain markers come in different colors to match different types of wood, so choose the marker that corresponds to your floor wood type. You may also use a homemade solution of olive oil and vinegar to remove minor marks. For deeper scratches, sand the scratches with fine-gauge steel wool or lightweight sandpaper, clean off the dust residue, and then apply putty to seal the spot.

When the pieces of a floor separate, you can either apply colored wood putty in a matching color between the boards or place strips of leftover planks over the gaps. To repair water stains, lightly sand the spot, vacuum the dust residue, apply the appropriate cleaning solution, and mix up a stain.

To replace whole boards, cut the old boards out, and replace with matching wood boards.

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