What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Gas-Powered Portable Generator?


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One tip for repairing a gas-powered portable generator is to ensure the engine has the fuel, air and spark needed to operate. A gas-powered internal combustion engine that is suffering problems with its ignition or fuel and air delivery system may have one or more of numerous issues.

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Other tips for performing repairs are to ensure the gas tank has fuel and to check all fuel lines to ensure they are free of obstructions. Use a flashlight to perform a visual inspection of the fuel in the tank. The presence of visual contaminants floating within a fuel tank may indicate that moisture has entered the system.

Another tip for repairing a generator is to inspect the engine oil and oil levels. Leaks within the system could leave critical engine components without lubrication.

Gas-powered generators also require air for combustion to occur. Inspect the choke, ensure it is in the proper position, and then remove and inspect the air filter. One method for restarting a gas-powered generator is to spray starter fluid into the air filter and then attempt to start the engine. Inspect all spark plugs and wiring to ensure they are properly installed, and use a spark plug electrode to ensure the ignition system is producing spark.

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