What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Dryer That Stops Working?


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To repair a dryer that has stopped working, users should first identify the cause of the problem. Common issues which cause a dryer to stop working include the dryer not starting, the dryer not producing any heat and the dryer making excessive noise.

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Once a user has identified the cause of the problem, he should consult the user manual for the specific model of dryer to find a troubleshooting guide. However, there are some simple tips that can be performed on the majority of dryer models if it has stopped working.

If the dryer does not start, users should ensure that it is properly plugged in and receiving power. If using a gas dryer, one should ensure that the pilot light is lit and there is a sufficient gas supply. Another issue which may result in the dryer not starting is a blown fuse. Fuses can be replaced quite easily and inexpensively.

If the dryer starts but does not produce any heat, users should check to make sure the heating element and timer are both receiving power. This issue can also be the result of a blown thermal fuse which may require replacement. If the dryer is making excessive noise, users need to make sure there are no items inside the drum. The noise may also be the result of a worn drum, which may require replacement.

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