What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Doorbell?


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Tips for repairing a doorbell include beginning with the doorbell button. Its exposure to the elements and frequent use makes it the most likely element to fail. Test the button by removing it from the wall, loosening the wires and touching them together. If the bell rings, replace the button; otherwise, check the chime unit and transformer.

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Problems with the chime unit are often due to loose connections or a buildup of grease and dust. Check the wiring connections, and ensure all screws are tight. Use a low-voltage meter to test the connections, and ensure the unit receives power when a helper presses the button. Use rubbing alcohol and a rag to clean the armatures that strike the chimes, and make sure they are not sticking. If the doorbell still does not operate correctly, replace the chime unit.

Use the low-voltage tester to check the transformer. If the chime unit does not receive power when pressing the button, use it to test the low-voltage screws at the transformer. If there is no power at these screws, replace the transformer.

While wiring problems for doorbells sometimes cause it to stop working, they are rare and difficult to trace. Rather than spend time trying to find these issues, it is easier to replace the entire unit with a wireless door chime. Both the button and chime unit operate on batteries, eliminating the need to tear into walls to find the problems with the old doorbell.

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