What Are Some Tips on Repairing a Door Handle?


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Many problems with a door handle or knob can be resolved by either tightening external screws, or taking off the cover plate and tightening the machinery inside. Loose doorknob parts can result in a door handle that is difficult to turn and does not catch properly.

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Many newer door handles and knobs use screws that are exposed on the room side of the door. These screws can be accessed directly with a screwdriver and either tightened or removed to examine the inside of the handle apparatus for further problems.

For door handles that use hidden chassis screws, locate the tab, metal clip, or button on the handle or knob that serves as a release. Use a small tool, such as a screwdriver, Allen key, or awl to push this release in while simultaneously pulling off the handle. A door rose is located inside that can be removed by inserting the small tool into its notch and twisting. With the door open, squeeze both sides of the assembly together, and tighten the screws on the chassis inside. Replace the rose by snapping it in place, and slide the door handle or knob back into its original position until the release button is in its proper place.

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