What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Cedar Shake Roof?

What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Cedar Shake Roof?

Tips for repairing a cedar shake roof include learning how to make a temporary fix, taking time to clear debris from the roof, finding the proper way to loosen and remove damaged shingles, and installing replacement shingles. As the new shake weathers, it eventually matches the remainder of the roof.

If one shingle suffers damage, a piece of 2 1/2-inch-wide metal flashing cut to the length of the damaged shingle makes a quick repair and prevents leaks. The owner should slide the metal in place under the crack and press the shingle down to hold it in place.

Cleaning debris from the roof before making repairs is essential. Small articles, including pine needles that fall into the repair, cause it to leak and deteriorate, sometimes cause a bigger problem.

The first step to removing a shingle is loosening the nails that hold it in place. The owner then loosens the nails holding the two shingles above it in place to loosen them. Finally, he removes the nails from the damaged shingle and slides it out of the way.

When installing the replacement shingle, the owner sets two nails in the shake at a 45-degree angle. He places the shingle so the bottom edge extends approximately 1/2 inch below the row and nails it in place. The nailing process pulls it part of the way into alignment with the roof. He then uses a rubber mallet to adjust the shake and then tightens the nails so it holds in place.