What Are Some Tips for Repairing Automatic Gates?


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When repairing an automatic gate, first remove all dirt or debris that might otherwise interfere with normal operation. Choose matching replacement parts and select openers, tracks and rollers according to the weight of the gate.

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Automatic gates that are sagging may have difficulty operating and could cease to function entirely. Sagging gates are a common problem and repair kits exist that provide all the materials needed to address the issue. Kits typically include a turnbuckle, multiple corner brackets with mounting hardware, and a cable. Repairs consist of attaching the brackets and then using the turnbuckle to tighten the cable until the gate no longer sags.

Another tip for repairing a sagging automatic gate or addressing posts that have become unsecured is to attach a small metal wheel underneath the gate. Install the wheel along the bottom of the moving edge of the gate on the opposite side of the hinges. Wheels provide additional support that alleviates pressure on the posts and prevents further sagging.

Regular inspection, testing and lubrication of hinges, joints and chain-drive mechanisms can reduce the likelihood of many mechanical issues. Replacing the automatic gate motor at regular intervals can improve area security and ensure more dependable operation.

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