What Are Some Tips for Repairing an Asphalt Tennis Court?


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Repair an asphalt tennis court by cleaning the problem area, using a high-quality asphalt repair product to fill imperfections, then allow the patched area to cure fully. Different asphalt repair kits are required for different sizes of cracks or holes. You can use products made specifically for patching asphalt tennis courts or products designed for patching asphalt driveways, which are often less expensive but may require painting depending on the color of your court.

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Small cracks or surface imperfections are the easiest asphalt problems to fix. First, completely clean the cracked area of any weeds, grass or large pebbles, then use an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any fine particles still present in the crack. Any particulate matter left in the crack can prevent the repair product from adhering properly. Apply a latex-based asphalt repair product to the crack, and level the top using a trowel. Allow the product to cure before painting.

Repair larger cracks or holes using an asphalt repair product that contains an aggregate filler. Relatively small holes only require sand as a filler, while very large holes require pebbles or other coarse aggregates. As with small cracks, completely clean the area before applying the product. Use a shovel or trowel to completely fill the hole, and use a trowel to level the top. Placing a large piece of plywood and several weights on top of the repair ensures the filler remains compressed and level as it cures.

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