What Are Some Tips for Repairing an Amana Range?


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A common problem with an Amana range is the failure of the surface element to turn off and replacing either the element itself or an attached switch is a common fix. The most common cause of this problem is the surface element switch, which fuses internal contacts against one another.

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Sparking burners are another frequent problem for Amana ranges. The spark module powers each burner's electrode, and when the module fails, the spark is weak or intermittent rather than strong and steady. When the sparking is not working correctly on an Amana range, the individual spark electrodes most likely need repair, although the module might need replacement as well.

If sparks appear when one burner is turned on but not when others are turned on, the spark ignition switch may be at fault. This is one of the most frequent burner spark issues. Each burner control valve has a small switch that holds electrical contacts that power the spark module. If the switch fails, power does not go to the module. This repair is easy to complete by putting a new spark ignition switch in the affected burner.

Homeowners should consult their Amana manual if the range is still under warranty, as making some repairs without consulting a professional can void the coverage. Also, those who do not feel comfortable making electrical repairs should call someone licensed to work with electricity.

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