What Are Some Tips for Renting Landscape Equipment?

What Are Some Tips for Renting Landscape Equipment?

Find a reputable rental center in the area by contacting the American Rental Association. Organize the project and know exactly what tools are needed to get the job done. Always get the right training to use unfamiliar tools and equipment.

Different retailers and rental centers rent different tools and equipment. By checking with the American Rental Association, homeowners can be sure the tools and equipment they rent are in good working order and as safe as possible. Users can register on the ARA website to receive a 36-page New to Rental Guide breaking down everything they should look at when renting landscape equipment.

Organize the project well in advance of renting any equipment. Ensure the machinery can be used the minute it is brought home by performing beforehand any necessary site work that doesn't require the machinery, which saves money on rental fees.

Only rent the required equipment and understand what each piece does before renting. For example, there are many types of paint sprayers available, each performing similar yet different functions; some can only apply paint, while others can also apply deck stains and other finishes. Know which one to get and rent the right sprayer the first time.

Always read the safety instructions that come with a rented piece of equipment. These are extremely important when renting things such as chainsaws, pressure washers and other landscape equipment.

With proper planning and preparation, renting is an inexpensive alternative to buying an expensive piece of equipment that makes landscaping faster and easier.