What Are Some Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom?

What Are Some Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom?

Style At Home states one main area on which to focus during a bathroom renovation is the floor. Look for marble, ceramic or stone tiles because of their durability and water resistance. Heating coils beneath the floor provide warmth.

Lighting makes a big difference in bathroom remodels. This includes having enough lighting, particularly around mirrors and bathing areas, along with installing a dimmer for times when the user wants to relax.

Think about shower needs as well, such as storage areas. When tearing out a previous shower, consider adding built-in shelving. With a tiled finish, these shelves provide more space for showering purposes. A curved shower curtain adds extra space in the shower as well.

The DIY Network offers an important tip concerning ventilation. Moisture build-up quickly causes mold and mildew issues, often hidden from the home owner. A vent fan helps combat moisture, especially one that is appropriate for the size of the bathroom.

A tip that changes the look of the bathroom is to change out hardware. Be sure to use all the same finishes on faucet handles, shower heads, drawer pulls and other hardware for a uniform look.

Popular Mechanics suggests having all materials ready for installation before starting any renovation. This makes the bathroom usable more quickly.