What Are Some Tips for Removing the White Film Left on Glasses From the Dishwasher?

Eliminate the white film from glasses and other dishes from the dishwasher by cleaning hard water deposits in the dishwasher, adding rinse aid and using acid additives with dishwasher detergent. Hard water deposits that collect in the dishwater cause the white film to form.

After the dishwasher fills with water, add white vinegar, and then close the dishwasher so that it completes the wash cycle. The vinegar's acidity cleans the dishwasher's surfaces and plumbing. You may also use a commercial cleaner to remove the hard water deposits. After cleaning the dishwasher, use rinse aid to remove moisture and to ensure that water drains off glasses and other dishes. Using an acidic additive with dishwasher detergent every cycle also results in clear, shiny dishes.