What Are Some Tips for Removing Water Stains From Brushed Nickel?


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Remove water stains from brushed nickel with a simple vinegar and water solution. Mix equal parts water and food-grade white vinegar, and gently apply the solution to the stained brushed nickel using a soft cotton cloth or chamois. Scrub the brushed nickel until the stain lifts, and then thoroughly rinse and dry the area. Wax brushed nickel fixtures after cleaning for an extra layer of protection.

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Nickel is a resilient material that is usually quite easy to clean, but some steps are required to keep these metal fixtures looking their best. While brushed nickel has a pleasing matte appearance, the manufacturing process that textures the surface actually makes these fixtures more prone to stains than regular polished nickel.

Protect brushed nickel fixtures by applying a coat of wax after cleaning. Any type of paste wax works as a protective coating for brushed nickel, but wax products containing carnauba wax produce the best results. Applying the wax both after cleaning and additionally once every month provides brushed nickel fixtures with coatings that protect the metal and guard against future stains.

While nickel is relatively inert and does not react with most cleaning products, cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia are unsuitable for brushed nickel. Using these types of cleaners can stain brushed nickel fixtures and even damage finished surfaces.

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