What Are Some Tips for Removing Wallpaper?


Remove wallpaper by determining the type of wallpaper, dry stripping a section, applying a solution to loosen the adhesive and scraping the backing from the walls. Depending on the wallpaper and how it was installed, you may need more than one method to remove it.

Start by determining the type of wallpaper. Strippable wallpaper is easy to remove and requires only a utility knife. Use the knife to loosen a section at a top corner of the wall. Gently and firmly pull down on the wallpaper to remove it. Don't use water or any other solution on wallpaper designed for dry stripping.

For other types of wallpaper, including professionally installed wallpaper, you need a removal solution. Sometimes, simply applying water can loosen the wallpaper enough to pull it down. Generally, the solution needs to soak into the wallpaper. Use care not to drench the drywall behind the wallpaper. Once the solution soaks in, use gentle pressure to pull away the wallpaper.

For tougher wallpaper, you may need multiple applications of the solution. Scoring the wallpaper is also helpful. Use a utility knife or scoring tool to make small cuts in the wallpaper to help all the removal solution more thoroughly permeate the wallpaper. Use a scraper tool to push up the wallpaper. Once it is gone, scrape away the backing.