What Are Some Tips for Removing Stumps and Tree Roots?


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Tips for removing tree stumps and roots depend on the option the owner chooses. Stump grinding offers a quick way to remove the stump and leaves the roots in the ground to rot. Chemical stump removers kill the roots and hasten the decomposition process for easier removal. Digging out the stump and roots is the most natural way but is labor intensive and most disruptive to other landscaping.

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Options for stump grinding include renting a stump grinder at a tool rental store for the do-it-yourself approach or hiring a company to take care of the problem. Renting the machine is more economical if there are several stumps to remove; however, most companies offering the service price their work by the number of stumps to remove. The tool uses a carbide blade to cut the stump to several inches below grade, but leaves the roots intact.

Chemical stump removal requires drilling several holes into the top of the stump and filling them with the product. The process requires several months but is effective and ensures that new trees do not emerge from the roots. Once it works, the stump becomes easy to pull, but some manufacturers recommend applying kerosene or fuel oil in the holes and burning the stump away. Property owners should check with local authorities before they start burning the remaining stump.

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