What Are Some Tips on Removing the Rotten Egg Smell From Water?


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Mixing chlorine solution to well water, installing an activated carbon filtration system or an oxidation-filtration system directly to the water source are some tips to remove the rotten egg smell from water. These methods are not permanent solutions and may need replacement or repetition to ensure that the water is free from odor and contaminants.

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Hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas naturally occurring in ground or well water, often causes the rotten egg smell in water. Flushing a strong chlorine bleach solution into the well and distribution system can help remove hydrogen sulfide. Some states, such as Minnesota, provide a well and water system disinfection guide for private wells on the official website of the Minnesota Department of Health. The guide provides step-by-step instruction on disinfecting wells using chlorine bleach or shock chlorination. An automatic chlorinator system is also available and is helpful in feeding chlorine to well water systematically.

An activated carbon filtration system is effective in removing low levels of hydrogen sulfide in groundwater. It is often used in conjunction with shock chlorination as it can remove residual chlorine in the water source. Dechlorinating activated carbon filters are available in most home improvement and hardware retailers and require periodic replacements.

An oxidation-filtration system removes hydrogen sulfide by oxidizing sulfur in elemental level and removing it mechanically by filtration. The system uses air, chlorine and the potassium permanganate as oxidants and removes the oxidized sulfur through an air tank and a filter system.

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